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  1. 9 Dezember, 2011

    Celebrating 200+1 Pix!

    Dear reader,

    with today’s photo, more than 200 pix have been published on this page, and my plan to take over the world is in full force. I am aware of all the flaws and shortcomings of every single photo on this page, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and perfection is boring. In fact, it is so boring that I nearly fall asleep only thinking about it. I am a very lucky man that my photos don’t suffer from perfection!

    With 100 more photos published since 1 September, this is the end of Season 2. Normally lukepix would take a short break now, but ’normally‘ in it’s meaning is boringly vague and relative. So there’ll be no break. Not on my watch. Instead, there will be many shiny new photos in  lukepix’s super secret amazing


    starting the day after tomorrow! 11 December 2011 that is!

    Now, get yourself together and be a man (or woman). Be anxious.

    I wanted to list my favourite photos here, but instead, check out the ‚FAVOURITES!‘ category on the right. That’s easier (for me). I will, however, compile a list of my top ten pix at some point. Ok, alright.

    Also, I really have to polish this site. Maybe later.

    And, finally, thank you for stopping by! Time after time I am pleasantly surprised when checking the visitor stats. So:

    Thank you,
    dear sir,
    for your visit!

    You are a gentle(wo)man and scholar,
    best wishes,
    and see you the day after tomorrow,


  2. A Memoir of Beauty

    No caption needed.


  3. 8 Dezember, 2011

    His Noodly Appendage

    Ok, not exactly, but good enough for me.

    He speaks:“Be prepared for the things to come tomorrow, for it is the last day of lukepix’s Season 2. Cease all activities thou art engaged in! Of days only one more. Yay yay yay.“

  4. 7 Dezember, 2011


    If you know edible plants, this is a big restaurant.

    As a fallback solution, you could always eat the sheep.

  5. 6 Dezember, 2011

    Withstanding Wind

    The daily task.

    What’s on my schedule? Growing. All right!

  6. 5 Dezember, 2011

    I Found La Fleur De Chine

    And now?

    I did not search for it, I did not go there, it just happened to be there. If the owner is as nice as the restaurant looks he is very nice.

  7. 4 Dezember, 2011

    Pipe or Similar

    This is plastic and it takes decades to decompose.

    The shape… it reminds me of… me.

  8. 3 Dezember, 2011

    Approaching Strathan

    Alone! Not quite!

    That guy, I followed him around all day long.

  9. 2 Dezember, 2011

    No One Sleeps

    Tonight, the town at night.

    Here, too, was a bear once.

  10. 1 Dezember, 2011

    Colours, not colors.

    Because Glasgow.

    I followed the light, it was the light of the pub.

  11. 30 November, 2011

    My Oven: Maximum Heat!

    It was time for some cake-baking.

    Take 1 ton of flour, 32000 eggs and 50 cows milk, then throw it all in there and wait – the cake will come to you.

  12. 29 November, 2011

    They Hung Out

    Chilling away time.

    Apart from inevitably being killed, those cows lead a good life.

  13. 28 November, 2011


    In a set of three, blue is the last one.

    It is complete. Now we have 16.7 million possibilities.


  14. 27 November, 2011


    In a set of three, green is the second.

    It calms you.

  15. 26 November, 2011


    In a set of three, red is the first.

    It gives you sunsets.

  16. 25 November, 2011

    Oh You Landscape You

    The West. Of Scotland.

    It is really nice there, even if you’re not very drunk. It could get boring though. It’s like they say:“For the long run, give me the rum!“

  17. 24 November, 2011

    The Big Late Night Hunt

    Searching, but to no avail.

    Last August, I fell asleep while sitting on a tree. I became one with the tree. I hugged it and I knew it would hug me back if it could. What do you expect to read? I have to come up with SOMETHING every day!

  18. 23 November, 2011


    Summer in Austria.

    It was a good summer, full of sun and cold beer.

  19. 22 November, 2011

    A Gathering

    All those musicians came!

    A night out in the countryside.

  20. 21 November, 2011

    An Entrance


    Just kidding, they’re not.

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