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  1. 22 Dezember, 2016


    Oben, keine Ahnung wo.

    Die Berge unten sind hinten von vorne zurück betrachtet.

  2. 28 Mai, 2011

    Light Shaker

    Some light, much shake.

    I tried to keep the camera steady. I tried.

  3. 25 Mai, 2011

    It’s Only Water

    …but you never know what’s hiding.

    I do think that it is possible that an alien spaceship is hiding in a cloud like this and at some point it would come out and then the aliens would enslave humanity and put all of us human beings up for display in their zoo. Or at least some of us…

  4. 20 Mai, 2011

    Stone Not-So-Alone

    He brought some friends.

    Everytime I counted I came up with a different number.

  5. 16 Mai, 2011

    Even Horizon

    The line was checked for straightness.

    I used the ruler tool to check, I am still not sure if I succeeded.

  6. 15 Mai, 2011

    Bench Beauties

    Sleepwalkers, sit down.

    Those were too nice to sit on, so I moved along.

  7. 9 Mai, 2011

    Still Sticking Around

    Raising the bar for bad jokes.

    I would have decorated my old friend, the stick, with a hat, if I had had one, but I hadn’t, so I didn’t.

  8. 7 Mai, 2011

    Don’t Leaf Me

    Looking good at dusk.

    I once counted the leaves of a tree nearby. I never finished and I never will. This does not mean that I have something better to do.

  9. 6 Mai, 2011

    We Are Closed

    Bathtub. On the door. Over my head.

    I like this.

  10. 2 Mai, 2011

    It’s Always Greener In The Other Pond

    Looks like this is the other pond.

    It’s a lake, actually. I boosted the colors because green is said to have a calming effect and I need that now.