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  1. 12 Januar, 2017


    Natters, Tirol

    Seilschaften schafften viel, aber nicht für alle.

  2. 25 Januar, 2016



    Berge bewegen sich langsam, aber auf uns zu.

  3. 30 Mai, 2011

    Several Mushrooms, Wild

    Today’s special! Mushrooms! Carefully grown on cowpats!

    This photo was taken with maximum effort.

  4. 27 Mai, 2011

    Photo Surprise

    …aaaaaaaand smile!

    To take pictures undercover: it didn’t work.

  5. 26 Mai, 2011

    Red Instead

    Finally. A red photo.

    I needed this, something red, this blends in well with the green stuff and the blue things.

  6. 24 Mai, 2011

    Dear Old, This Is New

    Cottage, meet the golfcourse.

    I tried to play golf once. I was classified as dangerous and banned for life.

  7. 23 Mai, 2011

    And This Is The Old Town

    At least a small part of it.

    Lights, I enjoy your presence!

  8. 22 Mai, 2011

    155930 006015

    Check your numbers.

    When I go out, I never take my camera with me. Maybe I should.

  9. 19 Mai, 2011

    Stone Alone

    Watching the big guys.

    It is: the Alps! It’s quiet up there, therefore Alps vs. city 1:0.

  10. 14 Mai, 2011

    Tourism – One Building At A Time

    One by one and all year round make many more.

    This picture has some weaknesses. For example, I did not remove chromatic aberration which is clearly visible. Also, one could argue that the photo looks too colorful. Both things I know. I didn’t care.

  11. 13 Mai, 2011

    Forest Fables

    Down, from the ground.

    There was a bear once, also an owl. Both left.

  12. 12 Mai, 2011

    Sprengt Die Banken


    This time I didn’t have to think about the title. The sprayer seems to agree with the end of the best film of all time.

  13. 11 Mai, 2011

    Enter The Maize

    There is no escape once it has grown.

    And wow do they grow fast.

  14. 10 Mai, 2011

    Mist, Missed It

    Quality photographs since 2011.

    You might say:“This is not special at all!“ But I tell you that it is! This was the very moment when I slipped before I fell.

  15. 8 Mai, 2011

    Those Were The Trails

    When there is one, there is another.

    Those are not my trails. Due to my weight I would sink in 1 meter deep. Even if there was only half a meter of snow.

  16. 5 Mai, 2011

    The Virtue Of Modesty?

    Huge building, huge costs.

    If that was my living room, I’d move out. But because it isn’t, I think it’s nice in a certain way. My decadent mind approves of this.

  17. 3 Mai, 2011

    Post On The Wall

    There’s always something to say. But what?

    About food, blue frogs and the world in general.

  18. 1 Mai, 2011

    Those Mighty Microphones

    Three you need to rule them all.

    I am in love with a certain combination of microphones in front of a Fender guitar amp.

  19. 30 April, 2011

    Tree, Totally Trunk

    Broken but beautiful.

    Forests are important, they give me good air and make me happy. Respect nature!

  20. 28 April, 2011

    So How Do You Feel?

    He really wanted the job.

    As with any other shooting I was short on money. I took the cheapest male model I could find and told him „to look happy“. This is what I got.