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  1. 1 August, 2011

    Before We Sleep

    A spectacle free of charge.

    One of the worse photos became one of my favourites.

  2. 23 Juli, 2011

    The Pipe

    Perfectly embedded in nature. Not.

    Taken from top of the reservoir damn that was a good day!

  3. 21 Juli, 2011

    Do The Mountains

    You will be satisfied.

    They won’t turn their back on you afterwards because they have none.

  4. 18 Juli, 2011

    Flood Protection Initiated

    Newly built, still very shiny.

    It wouldn’t protect my house.. unless the water decides to flow upwards.

  5. 7 Juli, 2011

    Sign Here, Please.

    A Sign To Guide Them

    With blinking lights this would be awesome. It also needs a little screen with advertisements. You all are lucky that I am not in charge.

  6. 29 Juni, 2011

    Mountain:“Lake, You Are My Crown Jewel“

    Lake: "Thank you, friend Mountain."

    Even if you were the ugliest of the crown jewels, you’d still be a crown jewel. Or completely nuts.

  7. 22 Juni, 2011

    Search The Church

    It's hiding somewhere... wait for it... wait for it... THERE IT IS!

    On one of my trips over the border. It did not involve any illegal substances. Therefore, the word ‚trips‘ is to be understood in the most sober way possible.

  8. 21 Juni, 2011

    Goodbye, Day!

    ... and see you tomorrow.

    You. Must. Not. Work. Too much.

  9. 19 Juni, 2011

    vs. Nature

    No costs at all.

    Walking there is free. Driving there not.

  10. 3 Juni, 2011

    Not A Ship, Not On The Ocean

    But riding the mountain wave!

    There really IS a connection between waves and this picture.

  11. 19 Mai, 2011

    Stone Alone

    Watching the big guys.

    It is: the Alps! It’s quiet up there, therefore Alps vs. city 1:0.

  12. 14 Mai, 2011

    Tourism – One Building At A Time

    One by one and all year round make many more.

    This picture has some weaknesses. For example, I did not remove chromatic aberration which is clearly visible. Also, one could argue that the photo looks too colorful. Both things I know. I didn’t care.

  13. 8 Mai, 2011

    Those Were The Trails

    When there is one, there is another.

    Those are not my trails. Due to my weight I would sink in 1 meter deep. Even if there was only half a meter of snow.

  14. 4 Mai, 2011

    A Place To Stay

    Surrounded by nature.

    Mountain goats live here. Not all of them are goats.

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