1. 31 Oktober, 2011

    Stuffed with Nightmares

    Tonight is the night.

    Stores thank you. Consumerism overkill. Way over.

  2. 30 Oktober, 2011


    It's IT!

    Not like in I.T. like computers and stuff but like in It.

  3. 29 Oktober, 2011

    A Berwick Boat

    North Berwick to be more accurate.

    I remember ice cream.

  4. 28 Oktober, 2011


    Something's up.

    It’s them again.

  5. 27 Oktober, 2011

    The Telephone in the Box

    It rang.

    We walked by in awe.

  6. 26 Oktober, 2011

    Train Shock

    The train had no brakes it seemed.

    And it didn’t honk. How inconsiderate.

  7. 25 Oktober, 2011

    Structure to Let

    It's windy!

    The rent can’t be very high.

  8. 24 Oktober, 2011

    Who Is Rogue Two?

    Maybe there is only room for one.

    These Scottish walls… not exactly an art gallery but still entertaining.

  9. 23 Oktober, 2011

    A View from Holyrood Park

    Edinborough's center.

    On my list of things I like.

  10. 22 Oktober, 2011

    October’s Winter

    Winter isn't coming. It's here.

    This is Austrian landscape.

  11. 21 Oktober, 2011

    A Step in the Realm of Shades

    Too nice to step on.

    A product of laziness. It was easier to take a photo with the camera pointing downward. In that moment, everything else would have taken too much effort.

  12. 20 Oktober, 2011

    Is It Her? Ben Nevis?

    Yes, it is indeed.

    Austrian weather on a Scottish mountain.

  13. 19 Oktober, 2011

    Yellow Stones Park

    Tiny fish could live here.

    Use that cane as a drinking straw, would you?

  14. 18 Oktober, 2011

    Not Your Cup of Coffee

    Yeah, it's mine.

    All these fancy black-and-white-photos… I need caffeine.

  15. 17 Oktober, 2011

    Ladybug on the Loose

    Ravaging fields and villages!

    It’s mayhem!

  16. 16 Oktober, 2011

    Five Star Fountain

    The spectacle was worth the Euro.

    After this, the fighting started with fire, sex and violence.

  17. 15 Oktober, 2011

    Tectonic Movements Make Mountains

    Like these.

    I saw a mountain goat of enormous proportions. It saw me too.

  18. 14 Oktober, 2011

    How Pleasantly Curved

    Oh those bottles, up close!

    The green is the grass, the red the love.

  19. 13 Oktober, 2011

    Life Through a Camera

    Missing all.

    Imagine the setting: beautiful Italian night, awesome setting, old buildings, action with fire, half-naked acrobats… and then you’re staring at your tiny, shitty camera screen for HOURS!


  20. 12 Oktober, 2011

    Light Pollution vs. Space

    Should be a good fight.

    To focus manually is one of the great challenges.