1. 30 September, 2011

    Among Reed

    As seen on the Neusiedler lake.

    I thoroughly enjoyed looking at the reed.

  2. 29 September, 2011

    Find the Palm

    Now... where is it?

    Once, I tried to hide behind a chair like this. I succeeded, but after 2 years I was found and forced to start this blog.

  3. 28 September, 2011

    Outside Waiting

    Before the start.

    Only minutes away.

  4. 27 September, 2011

    A Date with Colors

    It had to get dark to see them.

    Little dogs like to swim, cats not, fish yes, bears I don’t know, owls drown.

  5. 26 September, 2011

    About That Volcano

    There it is, as seen from the "not-so-dangerous" side.

    It is erupting all the time, very much like one of my neighbours.

  6. 25 September, 2011

    The Stuff of Nightmares

    There are zombies.

    I wonder what you AARRRGGLLL…..

  7. 24 September, 2011

    Waiting and Waiting and W…


    Nothing seems to happen here, beautiful silence! I should move out of my appartement and come here for sleeping.

  8. 23 September, 2011

    The Sun Sung

    It hang there for minutes.

    This is Hyeres, France, I am nearly sure.

  9. 22 September, 2011

    Light Lines Carrefour

    Always busy, those people.

    I was there, but I don’t remember why.

  10. 21 September, 2011

    Curvy Horizon is Curvy

    Seen on Lipari.

    There might be a way to straighten that horizon. I’ll never know.

  11. 20 September, 2011

    This is Grass

    Cows, for example, eat grass.

    I tried it and it wasn’t too shabby.

  12. 19 September, 2011

    Night Arches

    Rome is poorer than it seems.

    I got lost so I took this picture.

  13. 18 September, 2011

    A Beach, a Plane and Not Much Rain

    It didn't rain all summer long.

    There I drank a beer named ‚Kiefer‘.

  14. 17 September, 2011

    Not the Sunrise

    A little bit of romance, every once in a while.

    Please insert your own text here. Take a pen.

  15. 16 September, 2011

    The Mayor’s House

    Vienna had money.

    Vienna has money.

  16. 15 September, 2011

    Roma Termini Flees

    Talk about vantage points.

    I entered up there. Bought tickets. Left to the right.

  17. 14 September, 2011

    Like a Throne

    This one is not made for kings.

    I sat down.

  18. 13 September, 2011

    Soon the Fall

    Forever a leaf.

    I found this.

  19. 12 September, 2011

    Strombolian Street

    This is where the chases happen.

    I had to lose some weight.

  20. 11 September, 2011

    For All the Chases

    They do happen.

    Stromboli: narrow streets. How narrow? Check back tomorrow!