1. 19 August, 2011

    Intermission: Pingback Picture

    Four for one.

    I started designing posters 10 minutes ago and I like it.

  2. 1 August, 2011

    Celebrating 100 Pix!

    Dear reader,

    this is a day to remember!

    With today’s picture there are now 100 photos shown on this page! So… how do you normally celebrate such an achievement? Right! You get completely drunk and regret it the next day. And this is what I’ll do now! But don’t worry: I’ll drink responsibly… huge amounts of alcohol! To sober up, I will go on summer vacation. During that time lukepix takes a short break.

    The rest of my 21964 photos will be posted when I’m back. Not all at once, only one per day. This means that the last photo will be posted on 19 September 2071, the same day I will be allowed to retire.

    On a more serious note: lukepix will be tweaked to near-perfection 🙂 within the borders of my limited programming capabilities. There are some flaws, some things I don’t understand why they’re happening and some things I don’t want to be bothered with. I will adress some of these issues, maybe all. I will also look into possibilities to enable comfortable scrolling from one photo to the next one. Sounds like work!

    Now is also a good time to look back, therefore:

    After 100 lukepix days, these two are my favourite photos:

    But there are some more I really liked:

    These photos are all part of a new category: FAVOURITES!

    lukepix.com continues on 1 September 2011.
    Or at random intervals in-between.

    See you soon!
    And thank you for your visit!!!


  3. Before We Sleep

    A spectacle free of charge.

    One of the worse photos became one of my favourites.