1. 31 Juli, 2011

    Three Strikes Are Not Enough

    All of them failed!

    Nah, I can see one of them! There!

  2. 30 Juli, 2011

    A Garden To Marry

    People who love objects could marry the garden.

    There is a pool and people who watch weddings in their bathing suit.

  3. 29 Juli, 2011

    Suddenly, A Dog

    (size of a cat)

    Photos of animals are widely accepted as being ‚cute‘.

  4. 28 Juli, 2011

    High Alpine Hideout

    A cottage with its own little avalanche.

    A hideout in one of the many beautiful Austrian valleys. Wait… now that I’ve told you it’s not a hideout anymore…

  5. 27 Juli, 2011

    I Demand: An Off Switch

    And I mean a REAL off switch.

    You can’t even turn off some of those fancy new devices. Standby is so last century.

  6. 26 Juli, 2011

    Italian Hills

    Watch the sun go down, then wine.

    This photo was taken from my balcony. What a balcony.

  7. 25 Juli, 2011

    Lawn And Order

    My very own bellis perennis.

    I grow very fond of this macro photography.

  8. 24 Juli, 2011

    Night In Front Of The Museums

    There are two of them, someone had money.

    I am sure that back then they didn’t even wonder what the poor people would do. Unlike Al Bundy.

  9. 23 Juli, 2011

    The Pipe

    Perfectly embedded in nature. Not.

    Taken from top of the reservoir damn that was a good day!

  10. 22 Juli, 2011

    Jobs Behind Knobs

    Creative folks, those.

    The turning is not the hard part, it’s more a question of „if“ and „when“ and „what“ and „why“ and „how much“ and…

  11. 21 Juli, 2011

    Do The Mountains

    You will be satisfied.

    They won’t turn their back on you afterwards because they have none.

  12. 20 Juli, 2011

    The Fun In Funnel

    Old oil on a funnel, magnified.

    It’s not even my funnel.

  13. 19 Juli, 2011



    The wine. Was gone. Quickly.

  14. 18 Juli, 2011

    Flood Protection Initiated

    Newly built, still very shiny.

    It wouldn’t protect my house.. unless the water decides to flow upwards.

  15. 17 Juli, 2011

    Where Is The Photo Explainer?

    You can't explain THAT!

    Lower your expectations, never be disappointed.

  16. 16 Juli, 2011

    Watching Me Watching You

    Don't be the first to blink.

    I was in a staring contest once. It now enters its seventh year.

  17. 15 Juli, 2011

    Unimpressive Until Noticed

    The bottom of a glass. Of water.

    I would postulate that taking random photos pays off.

  18. 14 Juli, 2011

    The Day

  19. 13 Juli, 2011

    Finding Colors

    A glass in the foreground.

    Things tend to surprise me. All things.

  20. 12 Juli, 2011

    A Moment In Time