1. 30 Juni, 2011


    Everything with -formers at the end has lots of explosions.

    „Dance like no one’s watching!“ they said. I did and regret it to this day.

  2. 29 Juni, 2011

    Mountain:“Lake, You Are My Crown Jewel“

    Lake: "Thank you, friend Mountain."

    Even if you were the ugliest of the crown jewels, you’d still be a crown jewel. Or completely nuts.

  3. 28 Juni, 2011

    They Come In Pairs

    Some of them, others never.

    Today I learned: ‚Paris‘ instead of ‚Pairs‘ could lead to a fatal chain reaction of misunderstandings. But it would be lots of fun.

  4. 27 Juni, 2011

    Sky Eye

    Love Your Eyebrows

    The time has come, they are here! This time IT’S ME WHO’S LAUGHING! *pointing finger at own face* MUAHAHAHAHA!

  5. 26 Juni, 2011

    Transient Water Painting

    Only to be seen in this very moment.

    I look a lot at water. That is because I don’t trust it.

  6. 25 Juni, 2011

    The Start Of New Life

    The cycle starts again.

    However small it may be, it deserves our respect.

  7. 24 Juni, 2011

    Sitting It Out

    Good solution, but takes time and dedication.

    So, about this chicken: it had no intentions to spend it’s time on anything other than sleeping and shall therefore be known as my new rolemodel.

  8. 23 Juni, 2011

    The Grid Proclamation

    What a mighty barrier! Frightening, ubiquitous, expensive.

    Try to build a fence with this kind of grids. Easy to do, hard to master. My fence was destroyed by my friend the gentle wind.

  9. 22 Juni, 2011

    Search The Church

    It's hiding somewhere... wait for it... wait for it... THERE IT IS!

    On one of my trips over the border. It did not involve any illegal substances. Therefore, the word ‚trips‘ is to be understood in the most sober way possible.

  10. 21 Juni, 2011

    Goodbye, Day!

    ... and see you tomorrow.

    You. Must. Not. Work. Too much.

  11. 20 Juni, 2011

    Still No. 1

    After all these years! Still the most popular car in Austria.

    This vehicle is not to be trusted. No horses are needed but it still goes faster than 5 km per hour. We natives stand in awe.

  12. 19 Juni, 2011

    vs. Nature

    No costs at all.

    Walking there is free. Driving there not.

  13. 18 Juni, 2011

    You Are Beautiful

    You all are.


  14. 17 Juni, 2011

    High Headroom

    All naturally.

    I would eat this as I would eat anything.

  15. 16 Juni, 2011

    Dark Ice

    Cropped to excellence.

    Doesn’t get you in the brightest of moods – despite the ice cream.

  16. 15 Juni, 2011

    Window Watch


    This wall was brought to you by: LUKEPIX – eating Harmony Bears since 2011.

  17. 14 Juni, 2011

    Piano Spotter

    In the spotlight!

    Krakow is even more beautiful with someone playing music in the street – unless it’s Eurodance.

  18. 13 Juni, 2011

    Listen To Reason, Think Outside The Box

    Who wants to be trapped in a confined space?

    Ah, street art, how I’ve missed you!

  19. 12 Juni, 2011

    Very Berry

    Because rosehip doesn't rhyme with 'very'.

    If I were a berry, I would hang around a lot. For more info about ‚alot‘ go to ‚Hyperbole and a Half‚.

  20. 11 Juni, 2011

    Three Tree

    Enough for today

    I hug trees.