1. 31 Mai, 2011

    Umbria, Evening


    Many small towns on many small hills.

  2. 30 Mai, 2011

    Several Mushrooms, Wild

    Today’s special! Mushrooms! Carefully grown on cowpats!

    This photo was taken with maximum effort.

  3. 29 Mai, 2011

    Make It In Scotland

    Looking friendly at first. Later: rain.

    You know what this is? Scotland this is.

  4. 28 Mai, 2011

    Light Shaker

    Some light, much shake.

    I tried to keep the camera steady. I tried.

  5. 27 Mai, 2011

    Photo Surprise

    …aaaaaaaand smile!

    To take pictures undercover: it didn’t work.

  6. 26 Mai, 2011

    Red Instead

    Finally. A red photo.

    I needed this, something red, this blends in well with the green stuff and the blue things.

  7. 25 Mai, 2011

    It’s Only Water

    …but you never know what’s hiding.

    I do think that it is possible that an alien spaceship is hiding in a cloud like this and at some point it would come out and then the aliens would enslave humanity and put all of us human beings up for display in their zoo. Or at least some of us…

  8. 24 Mai, 2011

    Dear Old, This Is New

    Cottage, meet the golfcourse.

    I tried to play golf once. I was classified as dangerous and banned for life.

  9. 23 Mai, 2011

    And This Is The Old Town

    At least a small part of it.

    Lights, I enjoy your presence!

  10. 22 Mai, 2011

    155930 006015

    Check your numbers.

    When I go out, I never take my camera with me. Maybe I should.

  11. 21 Mai, 2011

    Bee, Ready

    It’s Strombolian.

    Only now I realized that there’s an insect in this photo.

  12. 20 Mai, 2011

    Stone Not-So-Alone

    He brought some friends.

    Everytime I counted I came up with a different number.

  13. 19 Mai, 2011

    Stone Alone

    Watching the big guys.

    It is: the Alps! It’s quiet up there, therefore Alps vs. city 1:0.

  14. 18 Mai, 2011

    Old Wall, Good Wall

    Good bricks, good stones.

    I wonder what happens if you push that blue button.

  15. 17 Mai, 2011

    Everything’s Off

    What is photography.

    All has gone wrong. All will be fine.

  16. 16 Mai, 2011

    Even Horizon

    The line was checked for straightness.

    I used the ruler tool to check, I am still not sure if I succeeded.

  17. 15 Mai, 2011

    Bench Beauties

    Sleepwalkers, sit down.

    Those were too nice to sit on, so I moved along.

  18. 14 Mai, 2011

    Tourism – One Building At A Time

    One by one and all year round make many more.

    This picture has some weaknesses. For example, I did not remove chromatic aberration which is clearly visible. Also, one could argue that the photo looks too colorful. Both things I know. I didn’t care.

  19. 13 Mai, 2011

    Forest Fables

    Down, from the ground.

    There was a bear once, also an owl. Both left.

  20. 12 Mai, 2011

    Sprengt Die Banken


    This time I didn’t have to think about the title. The sprayer seems to agree with the end of the best film of all time.