1. 30 April, 2011

    Tree, Totally Trunk

    Broken but beautiful.

    Forests are important, they give me good air and make me happy. Respect nature!

  2. 29 April, 2011

    Whiteout Window

    We have to see what there is to see.

    The weather was fine though.

  3. 28 April, 2011

    So How Do You Feel?

    He really wanted the job.

    As with any other shooting I was short on money. I took the cheapest male model I could find and told him „to look happy“. This is what I got.

  4. 27 April, 2011

    Looking Up, Hover Hover

    The lights! It’s in the lights!

    I for one welcome our new artsy overlords.

  5. 26 April, 2011

    Looking Down, Counting Dots

    A great way to spend some time until it gets boring.

    And I am not interested in dots at all. They are evil.

  6. 25 April, 2011

    How This Glows

    The closer you get, the less you see.

    A fine cross-processing has been added. I like cross-processing.

  7. This Plant Is King

    A plant.

    Don’t be fooled by its inconspicuous appearance.

    The first picture of many more to follow. And because I honestly don’t care which one to upload I chose the plant. Never lets you down!